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Locked Down Entertainment was founded by Jigger John Divina back in 2002 and began as a hip-hop events production, which later expanded operations such as talent management and eventually became a force in the independent music scene. 

Upon making some noise and continuously collaborating with certain artists for production nights, Jigger decided to take his endeavors to the next level by directly signing artists under LockedDown starting with original flag bearers ILL-J and Sun Valley Crew (SVC). Thereafter, he served as Executive Producer to their respective albums and decided to seal the deal by establishing a FULL-FLEDGED LABEL, while still upholding initial events and management outfit. 

LockedDown is forming a Hip-Hop label with its main purpose is to promote local hip-hop acts beyond the hip-hop crowd. The label will release albums this year to 2012. 

Upcoming albums are:

  • United Freestyle Vol. 3 – Arbie Won 
  • Almost Done – Miscellaneous
  • ILL-J’s 3rd solo album 

 Past releases include:
  •  ILL-J – The Journey & Logic for Reason 
  • Bagetsafonik – Travelogue 
  • People’s Future – Haedlines 
  • Pamilia Dimagiba – The Resistance 
  • Ciudad – Bring Your Friends Overtone - …From Inside the Fishbowl 
  • Chillitees – Espasoul 
  • Corporate Lo-Fi – The First Album 
  • SVC – It’s All Natural 
  • Wolfmann+ - Self-titled